sample of DM

Hello how are you
Your Nfts awesome 😘
昨日 21:21
how long have you been working on NFTS
昨日 22:46
I started selling my work at NFT on an experimental basis this past March.
Please Your Nfts link send me?
I have only a few photos in this collection, but plan to add thousands more in the future.
Amazing collection ❤️👌
This is a site that distributes my photos copyright free. They are freely downloadable, so if you find a photo you like, please use it.
how many nfts have you sold so far
I just started selling at NFT. I think now is the time to enhance the COLLECTION. I will probably start promoting my work to sell it.
I'm from NFT Digital Community, We Provide a Platform to Advertise And Sell Your NFTs and Promote Your Work And Show What Awesome Things You Created, Your NFTS are very nice and beautiful and it attracted me so much and i have never seen such NFTS before if you want i can help you sell it, Do you want to know my working how it works?
Now I am doing a sales experiment. So promotion is important. My wife is a Tibetan Buddhist painter and I plan to sell her paintings.

In addition, I also want to sell a painting of a friend of mine who is an artist. So if you are sincere, I would like to be sincere to you.
Don't worry about it, my team name is Alpha Promoter and I am working in the field of advertising since 2017
We are bound for the satisfaction of our customers. And we work only according to the needs of our customers. And till then keep working continuously for our customers. Until they get the full benefit.
I am a creator and also a web promoter and ICT consultant, I don't know much about NFT yet but I think I can achieve certain sales results.

If I can establish a good rapport with you, I can introduce you to the excellent NFT artist community in Japan.
My team name is Alpha Promoters and I am working in advertising field since 2017 and in NFT advertising I am working since 2019. If you want, you can find out about the work of my team anywhere because it is a famous name in the field of advertising.
Our team works continuously with the customer once they start working with them.
Look we will work on of your very beautiful collection Meaning let me explain to you that we will sell your nfts to any investor and from that investor to second to third investors , the price of your nfts will continue to increase and you will continue to get 10 percent royalty .
For example, suppose you have an NFT of $50. If we work on it consistently, we can take it to $5000💫
And whatever the sale is, you will get 10% royalty within the future.
Because my job is to make your NFTS reach to many people, to reach many investors and when I do this work, you will automatically start earning income.
Overall, all I can say is that I will get your income up to $5000 every month.
Guaranteed to get 20 plus investors in a week
OK, your company's Twitter account is
You are a French company.
Your your company's Instagram URL
It's just before five in the morning in Japan. I have a class at the university tomorrow, so I have to sleep.

I will contact you again.
But I did not send you Twitter and Instagram account.
I looked into that. I can do that much. Ha ha ha.
where did you see
I am a novice when it comes to NFT, but I teach ICT related subjects at a university. So research is available.
Ohh nice
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Are you Interested?
Let's sort this out a bit.

I offer you a piece of work. Based on that, you start promoting my work. The profits from that will be yours, but you will also promote my collection.

Is that right?

My work can be generated infinitely by an algorithm. Therefore, I can offer it to you and pass the copyright to you.

Not all of them, of course, but just one.

I am not trying to make money with NFT. I want to know how it works and how to promote it.

If our goals are the same, I can help.