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曼荼羅とは密教の経典に基づいて、諸仏を配置した図形を言います。「曼荼羅」は、サンスクリット語 मण्डलの音を漢字で表したもので、漢字自体には意味はありませんが。形容詞として、「丸い」という意味もあり、完全を意味する円形が多く使われています。これらは様々な形で派生系が存在していおり、このフラクタル曼荼羅は、円による造形としてフラクタル理論をベースに作られています。

A mandala is a figure in which various Buddhas are arranged based on esoteric Buddhist scriptures. The word "mandala" is a Chinese character for the sound of the Sanskrit word मण्डल, although the Chinese character itself has no meaning.

As an adjective, it means "round," and mandalas are often circular, meaning perfect.There are various derivatives of mandalas, and this fractal mandala is based on fractal theory.


Fractal theory systematizes self-similar forms in which the parts and the whole interfere with each other. This fractal mandala is also composed of self-similar forms in the shape of a circle. By giving randomness to this continuous shape, it is possible to create a more organic form.

All that exists there is a meaningless form of calculation. But how can we deny that life is born from form?When you entrust your prayers and wishes to this image as a container, some power may be born there.

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March 20, 21022