This site consists of a gallery of computer graphics using a free fractal image generator program called Apohysis.

The concept of fractal is a geometrical concept introduced by French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, and Apohysis is a software program that creates graphic images based on these mathematical formulas, etc. Apohysis is open source and several different versions exist. The following is a list of the most common

The shapes generated by the software are mathematical products, but they are organic in shape and have a sense of meaning.

Fractal theory, which was born out of geometry, has been applied to various fields, and at one time, fractal compression and other techniques were created that could produce image quality that exceeded that of the JPEG image format, but are now rarely used due to patent issues and the time it takes to encode them.

In such a situation, the concept of fractal is also effective as a basic concept when thinking about things.

In Japanese, it is called self-similarity.

In other words, it is the idea that the characteristics of the parts also affect the whole and are interrelated.

For example, the leaves of coniferous forests are thin, but the overall shape of these trees is also characterized by being long and slender, while the shape of trees in broad-leaved forests is also horizontally spread out. In addition to such organic matter, mountains made of rock are steep, while those made of soil are gentle.

Such characteristics can be seen in a wider range of fields.

Fractal theory, holographic theory, chaos theory, etc. will grow to become important concepts for judging things in the future.


1986 (Music) Formed a music unit called Yuuki-seimeitai.

The group performed live concerts linked to videos in various parts of Japan. Later, Yuuki-seimeitai debuted as a band.

2001 (Photography) Red cover

Invited as a photographer to The 2nd China Great Wall International Art Exhibiton organized by Tianjin City and Hua Cui Art School in China.

Participating artists: JITTEMANN(Germany),HUGO SEEGATZ(Germany),Christine Dumbsky(Gearmany),LINDA HOEN(Holland),Manifred Peter muller(Austria),MINNA WAINIO(Finland)

Apr. 2013 (Produce, Photography, CG)

Held a group exhibition "CHAOS & ORDER" at Sojo University Gallery. I gathered a group of selected artists from all over Kyushu. We also planned performances and other events.

June 2015 (Video, Multimedia) "Specter Opera" Visual Effects

I was in charge of the visual effects for an opera held in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima. Staged the stage background through real-time animation.

20216 (Photography, Website, Video) "Traveling, Kumamoto Photo Exhibition" Participation

In response to the earthquake in Kumamoto, I participated in a photo exhibition organized by photographer Mai Kawabata, and assisted in the planning of the exhibition based on photos of tourist spots in Kumamoto.

December 2016 (Video) "Jilbester Concert" in Yokohama Minato Mirai, Japan.

I was in charge of the stage background video production and projection for the New Year's Eve classical concert held from the end of the year to the beginning of the year, and for the following four years I have spent every New Year's Day in Yokohama.

Feb. 2017 (Photo) Participated in "Traveling Kumamoto Photo Exhibition" in Osaka.

April 2017 (Photo) Participated in the exhibition "Traveling Kumamoto Photo Exhibition" in Kumamoto.

Feb. 2021 (Video) Visual image for the stage of the opera "Hansel and Gretel" in Kumamoto, a strategic art and culture creation promotion project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, FY2020.

Jul. 2021 (CGI, video) Computer graphics work exhibited at INCASE2021, an art conference held in Poland.



Kohji Asakawa

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I am a multimedia creator living in Kumamoto, Japan. The scope of my work is wide: music, video, CG, photography, web, ceramics, etc. I teach ICT and music at a music college. In other schools I have classes on photography, design and web.